2020 Application for Financial Support

This is an application form for all 2020 bursary and scholarship funding opportunities available through the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton. Use this form to apply for:

  • Youth and Family Opportunity Bursary
  • Sazio Scholarship

The 2020 application deadline is Tuesday, April 28 at 4:30 pm. Complete this application online, and when you are done, be sure to click on the “Submit your application” button. You will receive a confirmation message sent to the email address you entered on your application.

Complete all areas of this form to ensure that your application is eligible for consideration. You will note that there are some fields that have a maximum number of characters. Your answer must be provided within the space allotted.

If you have questions, please contact Lisa Hostein at 905-525-2012 x3256.


2020 Youth & Family Opportunity Bursary & Scholarship Application

For applications to the 2020 Youth and Family Opportunity Bursary Fund and the Sazio Scholarship Fund.
  • (For example, current/former Crown Ward, parent in a family currently receiving services, child in a family currently receiving services, etc.).
  • Which CCAS of Hamilton staff member has been your most recent contact?
  • Bursaries support a wide range of life-enhancing activities. Scholarships are specifically for post-secondary education and training. Read the guidelines carefully for each program to understand if you and your activities are eligible for support.
  • (For example, if you are going to school, tell us what you plan to study, why doing this matters to you, how it will help you to achieve your goals and long-term objectives, and any other information that would help us understand the impact a bursary or scholarship will have.)
  • (For example, if you are seeking funds to help you upgrade your work skills, tell us about your work history and achievements.)
  • (i.e. OSAP, savings, employment income, etc.)
  • Dated: 12/03/2020
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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