Services and impact

There is a common misconception that children’s aid societies exist to remove children from their homes, and a resulting fear of connecting with them. But the truth is that 97% of the children we serve remain in their homes, with their families, while we work to strengthen the family’s ability to keep their children safe and thriving.

In only 3% of cases do we have to remove a child from its home to ensure its safety. In those cases, we place the child with kin, foster families, or other suitable homes, and work to create conditions that will enable the child to return home. When that isn’t possible, we seek permanent options for the child with kin or with an adoptive family.

We provide services to Catholic children, youth, and families in Hamilton. We work collaboratively with other community agencies to ensure that our clients have the best access possible to the supports they need, and to contribute to the wellbeing of all children, youth and families in Hamilton.

Don’t be afraid to call us with questions or to seek assistance.

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