Our 65th Anniversary

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The Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton is celebrating 65 years of operations this fall. From our beginnings in 1953 with 3 staff and a $27,000 budget, to today with 180 staff and a $24 million budget, we have supported thousands of children, youth and families. We are proud of the work we have done, and know that we have contributed to brighter futures for the great majority of the people to whom we have provided services.

When we were founded in 1953, Catholic communities frequently established their own service organizations in the face of anti-Catholic public sentiment. Since that time, we have served Hamilton’s large Catholic community, and have actively partnered with other community agencies to increase the wellbeing of all Hamilton’s young people and strengthen their families. In fact, in 98% of all cases today, children remain with their families while we work with their caregivers to strengthen their capacity to keep their children safe and help them to thrive.

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