Fostering, adopting and kinship

The majority of our work is done with families, helping them to develop the ability to provide safe and supportive environments for their children. In 3% of the cases we deal with, children have to be removed from their homes while this work is completed. Occasionally, children are not able to return home, for their own safety.

We are always in need of additional foster parents, to take care of children who are temporarily in need of a loving, supportive home.

We are always in need of adoptive parents who will provide a permanent home for children who cannot live with their families of origin.

And we are always keen to work with people who are already a presence in a child’s life and who would be interested in providing a temporary or permanent home for a child in need. We call those people kin.

Please visit the pages in this section to learn more about fostering, adoption and kinship.

Click here to see our current license to provide residential care.

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