The Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton employs approximately 170 staff to provide child protection services to the Hamilton Catholic community. But of course, we do much more than protect children. We support and nurture families. We help children and youth to grow and develop. We create supportive environments in schools that help children and youth to focus on their studies. We help victims of domestic violence to heal. We work with community agencies to ensure that all children in Hamilton have opportunities to thrive. We support one another during good days and bad days, and provide a compassionate work environment that helps our staff to cope with the demands of child protection work.

We are a Catholic agency, but many of our staff are not Catholic. They share a willingness to support Catholic children and families to explore and express their Catholicity, and they support a holistic approach to child protection work, that considers the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of those we serve.

The majority of our staff are social workers, but we also employ people who are skilled in all areas necessary for the effective functioning of an organization – including, bookkeepers, fundraisers, administrators, lawyers, IT, and more.

We hope that you will consider us when looking for a satisfying job, and wish you well with your career!














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