Financial policies & practices

Financial Policies and Practices

As a Broader Public Sector organization receiving operational funding from the Province of Ontario, The Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton has adopted the Ontario Broader Public Sector Supply Code Chain of Ethics and has implemented policies governing procurement, expense reimbursement, and perquisites.

Factual Certificate – Broader Public Sector Accountability (PDF)

Travel and Accommodation Policies and Statements

The information below highlights the policies the agency follows in the area of travel and accommodation and provides details of the travel and accommodation expenses for the agency’s Executive Team.

Travel and Expense Policy (PDF)

2018-19 Executive Travel Expenses (PDF)

2017-18 Executive Travel Expenses (PDF)

2016-17 Executive Travel Expenses (PDF)

2015-16 Executive Travel Expences (PDF)

Procurement Policies 

The information below outlines the agency’s policies and guidelines for our procurement practices.

Procurement Policy (PDF)

Supply Chain Code of Ethics (PDF)

Perquisites Policy and Attestation 

The information provided below outlines the agency’s policies and guidelines for perquisites practices at the agency.

Perquisites Policy (PDF)

Perquisites ATTESTATION 2018-19 (PDF)

Perquisites ATTESTATION 2017-18 (PDF)

Perquisites ATTESTATION 2016-17 (PDF)

Perquisites ATTESTATION 2015-16 (PDF)

Perquisites ATTESTATION 2014-15 (PDF)

Perquisites ATTESTATION 2013-14 (PDF)


Bid Opportunities

Honesty, care and due diligence are integral to all Supply Chain Activities within and between the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton and our suppliers and other stakeholders. See our Procurement Policies and Supply Chain Code of Ethics above. The Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton posts bids on the OPBA website,

Recent Bids Awarded

None at this time.





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