Ogwadeni:deo now providing all child welfare services for Six Nations

ogwadenideoIn the midst of national conversations about the need for changes in the way that Indigenous children, youth and families interact with the child welfare system, it’s wonderful to see that Ogwadeni:deo has successfully completed the child welfare designation process. This means that Six Nations will be served by an Indigenous agency, providing culturally appropriate child welfare services.

We were delighted to host 4 staff from Ogwadeni:deo in the fall for a month of learning and sharing, and look forward to working together with them to keep children and youth in our region safe. While much more needs to happen within the child welfare system to ensure that children are treated equitably and in a way that respects their heritage, this is a great move forward locally. Find out more about Ogwadeni:deo at their website, http://www.sixnations.ca/CWD/.

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