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Considering Adoption

Adoption offers children who are not able to be raised in their birth families, the opportunity for permanence and families the opportunity to experience all of the rewards that come with parenting a child.

The Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton offers adoption services to Catholic applicants who reside in the City of Hamilton. We invite you to consider adoption as a viable and rewarding way to build a family and we encourage you to learn more about adopting through our Society. We will provide education and support through every step of the process. We encourage applicants who are pursuing a private adoption application to consider a child welfare application, as well.

You Are Not Alone in Caring

As a Children’s Aid Society, our primary work is to promote the best interests, well-being and protection of Catholic children in our community. We work with a number of children who are unable to live with their birth families to promote permanent, secure and loving family relationships. For some children this plan is best achieved through adoption.

The children we place for adoption are generally between the ages of six months and six years. The children come from a variety of cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds. Some are sibling groups that will be placed together. As well, there is always a need for adoptive families across Ontario.

The children we place for adoption have had a variety of experiences, some have issues in their background and some have special needs.

As adoptive applicants proceed through the adoption process, they will come to decide the child that is most suited to their family. We encourage families who think they may be open to learning more about our children to come to one of our Information Nights or to contact our Adoption Department. We will help to educate you and to make the best decisions for your family through our Adoption Education Group and through our work with you during your home study.

Applying with our Society is only the first step in the adoption process. We encourage adoptive applicants to consider each step in the process as a stage of decision making where you may decide whether or not to proceed at each point in the process. You may be exploring other options to build your family and we encourage you to continue to do so, while also partnering with us to decide if an adoption placement through a Children’s Aid Society if right for you.

Most of the children that we place for adoption are available due to a court decision terminating parental rights. Although our Society does work with birth mothers who wish to voluntarily place their children for adoption, this represents a very small number of our adoption placements.

Questions? Need More Information?

Many adoptive applicants feel unsure about adopting a child with issues in their background, adopting a toddler, preschooler or an older child. We encourage you to contact us to speak with an adoption worker in more detail about your specific situation and to attend an Information Night at our Society. At the Information Night and at our Adoption Education Groups, you will have the opportunity to hear from adoptive parents who are parenting children they have adopted through our Society.

For those of you who would like to consider adopting a child through this Society, we offer a range of services delivered by experienced staff, intended to provide you with information, guidance and support. We want you to be active participants in this process and ultimately make the decision that is best for you and your family as to the type of child you feel best suited to parent. We provide extensive information and preparation to our adoptive families about any child they may be interested in.

We welcome the opportunity to become part of your adoption journey, knowing that the journey will be unique for each family.

As you consider the option of parenting through adoption, we encourage you to attend an Information Night with us.

For more information on Adoption, please contact our Society by calling 905-525-2012 x3125.

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