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Blessing of our Chapel of the Holy Family

Today we celebrated our new chapel – the Chapel of the Holy Family – with a blessing by Father David Wilhelm, who is a member of our Board of Directors. The blessing was attended by Directors and staff of the agency.

We are very grateful to the Ex Corde Foundation of the Diocese of Hamilton for its financial support of this space for quiet reflection and prayer. It is a beautiful, intimate space that adds greatly to our ability to support our service recipients, staff, and volunteers.

Today is Children and Youth in Care Day

Children and youth in care are young people who, for their own safety, have had to be removed from their families, either temporarily or permanently. Of all the cases we investigate, only 2% result in the removal of children from their homes.

Today, to mark Children and Youth in Care Day, the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies is hosting a Youth Civics Day. It is open to youth in care from across the province, and we are very happy that some of our youth are attending. They will gain knowledge and leadership skills that will help them in many ways. We look forward to hearing what they have to say about the Day!

Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon recognizes important contributions of volunteers

Our annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon took place today, April 27. We are grateful to our volunteers year-round, but April is Volunteer Month, and so we make a special effort to say thank you now. There are a number of volunteer roles here at CCASH: volunteer drivers, volunteer tutors, event and program volunteers, and our volunteer Board of Directors. They help our children and youth to thrive, and we are most grateful. Here are some photos of the event.





Bursary deadline approaching – May 7!

Every year, we make a number of bursaries and scholarships available to support and enhance the life outcomes of individuals served by CCASH. The 2018 Application Forms and Guidelines are now available on our website under the Resources/Bursaries and scholarships menu. This year, applicants are responsible for applying directly for funding. The deadline for receipt of applications is Monday, May 7 at 4:30pm. If you or someone you know might be eligible for funding support, please read the Guidelines to find out all the details.

It’s National Volunteer Week!

Each year we are thrilled to acknowledge those who volunteer their time and talents to our agency. Last year, we had over 200 individuals volunteer their time in different capacities to provide invaluable service to the community we serve.

We want to acknowledge the incredible efforts of volunteers at the CCAS in Hamilton.

Thank you to our volunteer drivers, our volunteer tutors, our Board, our event volunteers and our Drop in Volunteers.

National Volunteer Week is when we can all take time to recognize all of our volunteers and celebrate the power of volunteerism in our community.

New information management system now live!

We are now officially using CPIN (Child Protection Information Network), an integrated information management system that all Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario will be using by 2021. It will make it easier and faster for CASs to work together to keep kids safe.

We’ve been preparing for over a year for today, and we are ready! As our staff make the switch to this new system over the next couple of weeks, please have patience with us if our response times are slightly slower than usual. Our emergency response times will not be affected!

Thanks to everyone involved in getting us to this point. That includes our hardworking CPIN Team, many of our staff, the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.


Adoption education and resource opportunity

This event, organized by the Adoption Council of Ontario, is a great learning opportunity for anyone interested in or involved with adoption. The following day is the Spring Adoption Resource Exchange for AdoptReady families.

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