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Business Plan: 2016-2017  

The documents below represent the 2016-17 Business Plan for the Catholic Children`s Aid Society of Hamilton (CCASH). It highlights our organization’s mandate, strategic priorities and key activities.

CCASH Business Plan Apr. 2017 (PDF)


Children’s Aid Societies are independently governed agencies that are responsible for providing mandatory and critical services, which are a safety net for the most vulnerable members of our society – infants, children and youth who are at risk of or are experiencing physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse, neglect or abandonment.  CASs are mandated to intervene if a caregiver cannot adequately care for or provide for a child.

Children’s Aid Societies have been providing these services to communities in Ontario for over 100 years.

They are legislated to perform certain functions under the provisions of Section 15 of the Child and Family Services Act (CFSA)[1].  The mandate of CASs, as described in this section of the CFSA, includes the following functions:

  • Investigate allegations or evidence that children who are under the age of sixteen years or are in the society’s care or under its supervision may be in need of protection;
  • Protect, where necessary, children who are under the age of sixteen years or are in the society’s care or under its supervision;
  • Provide guidance, counselling and other services to families for protecting children or for the prevention of circumstances requiring the protection of children;
  • Provide care for children assigned or committed to its care under this Act;
  • Supervise children assigned to its supervision under this Act;
  • Place children for adoption under Part VII; and,
  • Perform any other duties given to it by this or any other Act.

This legislation and the supporting regulations, directives and standards prescribe specific and detailed requirements for what services CASs must provide, how they must provide these services, including services to Aboriginal children and families and French language services, as well as the timelines in which these mandatory services must be provided.

Children’s Aid Societies protect and safeguard most children while they remain with their families in the community.  This family-based support takes the form of intensive assessments and service plans, contacts with numerous other professionals and service providers, as well as ongoing supervision of the child while he/she remains in the family home.  These are complex cases in which child protection concerns have been verified and there are risks of, or actual, abuse and neglect. As such, the work must be performed by skilled, qualified child welfare staff. Serving these children in the context of the home – when it is safe to do so – is consistent with the legislative and regulatory mandate and with the policy direction of government.

Safe and Thriving Children and Youth.  Empowered Families.  Stronger Communities

Our Mission

Guided by Catholic values and teachings, we serve children and youth within the Hamilton community by protecting their safety and well-being, strengthening their families and nurturing lifelong relationships.

Our Vision

Safe and Thriving Children and Youth.  Empowered Families.  Stronger Communities

Our Values

Success for Children, Youth and Families

Service Excellence


Human Dignity and Respect

Communication and Collaboration


Shared Accountability

Our Team

CCASH Strategic Directions 

Our ongoing priority is supporting the safety, permanency and well-being of children and youth in the family and community.  To achieve this CCASH is committed to a strategic plan that embodies the immense power of collaboration. The plan builds on our assets and directs our efforts and resources to our most critical priorities.

The strategic planning approach we use is the Balanced Scorecard methodology.  This model identifies strategic directions in direct alignment to our vision and mission from four distinct pillars

  1. Child, Youth and Family
  2. Operations
  3. Organizational Readiness
  4. Capacity

Goals are established to link with the strategic directions and ultimately performance indicators are created that allow us to measure our progress once we move to implementing the plan.

Key Activities supporting Strategic Directions: 2016-2017

CCASH has identified the following four initiatives as our Priority Projects for 2016-17:

  1. Preparing for the implementation of Child Protection Information System (CPIN)
  2. Commitment to Quality and Performance Improvement (Balanced Scorecard)
  3. Support More Children and Youth in Family Based Care
  4. Commitment to Anti-Oppressive Practice Framework Plan

Each of these four priority projects is aligned with provincial priorities in child welfare and will impact all staff across the organization.  CCASH will continue to adopt best-practice change management strategies to support the successful achievement of these priorities.

Strategic Plan

To prepare for the future, we have reached out and listened to our stakeholders. By engaging over two hundred individuals, including youth, birth parents, foster, kinship and adoptive parents, volunteers, our employees, community service partners and government representatives we have shaped a strategic plan that embodies the immense power of collaboration. The plan builds on our assets and directs our efforts and resources to our most critical priorities.

Click here to read the CCASH Strategic Plan (PDF)

Annual Reports 

An annual overview of the work of the Society as it relates to our Strategic Plan

2016-2017 Annual Report to the Community (PDF – EN)

2016-2017 Annual Report to the Community (PDF – FR)

2015-2016 Annual Report to the Community (PDF)

Audited Financial Statements 

The statements provided below provide a detailed overview of the financial activities of the agency.

2015-2016 Audit Financial Statements (PDF)

CCASH Performance Indicators 

The Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton has a strong commitment to accountability and to continually improving their services through the use of data and analysis. The three core areas of child welfare work are safety, permanency and well-being and these are reflected in the five publicly reported service performance indicators.

The vast majority of the work that the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton does is to keep children safe within their families, focusing on the best interest and well-being of the children. When a child comes into care, our work is centered on supporting the family so that the child can return home safely as soon as possible.  Through the implementation of a provincial performance measurement and management system, the Catholic Children’s Aid Society has taken an important step to enhance their accountability and their commitment to better outcomes for the children, youth and families we serve.

Performance Indicators Reported March 2018 (PDF)

Performance Indicators Reported March 2017 (PDF)

Contact Information

For more information about CCASH, please visit our website at:

For media inquiries, please contact:

Patti Emslie at the Executive Office

905-525-2012 ext. 3323

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