While much is different since those times, we still have many of the same concerns faced by the Society’s founding Board of Directors. Protecting children from neglect and abuse remains our top priority. Providing supports to families trying to meet the needs of their children, despite many personal and economic hardships, is an ongoing challenge for staff and volunteers. Meeting the many and varied needs of children in care is foremost in the minds of foster and adoptive parents. Many of our services flourish because of the added contribution of caring volunteers.

Christian teachings, Catholic tradition, and the lived reality of the Catholic service ministry act as a guide and a reference point in all our activities as a Society dedicated to protecting, promoting, and supporting the best interests of children.

Our goal at the Catholic Children's Aid Society of Hamilton is to increasingly draw the community into our world. The children and families that we serve are enriched by each new personal contribution to the achievement of our mission. That means there can be something special in it for you too.

We hope to hear from you and look forward to your involvement in whatever way you choose to participate: Board or Staff Member, Foster or Adoptive Parent, Volunteer, Member or Donor.