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Protecting Children

Child protection is our ultimate responsibility where a child has been harmed or is threatened with physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse, or neglect.

Foster Care

Become a foster parent and brighten a child’s life with a temporary caring and supportive family environment.


Adoption offers children and families the opportunity for permanence and families to experience all of the rewards that come with parenting a child.

Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton

Protecting children from neglect and abuse remains our top priority. Providing supports to families trying to meet the needs of their children, despite many personal and economic hardships, is an ongoing challenge for staff and volunteers. Meeting the many and varied needs of children in care is foremost in the minds of foster and adoptive parents. Many of our family services flourish because of the added contribution of caring volunteers.

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Adoption – One Way That God Creates Families

When Neli adopted her six-year-old son Jaxon through the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton (CCASH) three years ago, the bond between the two of them was immediate and strong. So much so that Jaxon, then in Grade 1, would cling to her desperately when she dropped him off at school. “He would freak out and not want me to leave him,” Neli recalls. After speaking to his teacher, Neli discovered that Jaxon’s birth mother had often forgot him at school, neglecting to pick him up at the end of the day. Instead of engaging in a battle of wills to ...

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Kinship Program

Home is where the heart is. But what happens when children and youth must leave their homes because their parents are unable to care for them? The child welfare system sees significant value in keeping children and youth connected to their family, friends and community whenever possible by placing them with kin. Kin are people with close ties to the child. Over the years the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton has seen grandparents, aunts and uncles open their homes to children and youth as well as church congregation members, godparents, family friends, teachers and school support staff. Their willingness to ...

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Fostering – Do You Have Room in Your Heart and Home for One More

Lori Sajder knows more than most people about the positive impact foster parents can have on a child’s life. Forty-five years ago she was placed in a foster home herself after being born to a teenage mother who was unable to raise her. Lori was soon adopted into a loving home but she never forgot the fact that there was a family there to nurture her in those first crucial days of her life. Today, Lori is a mom to four biological children ranging in age from seven to nineteen. She’s also a foster mother who, along with her husband, Steve, ...

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Foster Parent Information Night

Foster Parent Information Night

From 6:30 PM until 8:30 PM

At Catholic Children's Aid Society of Hamilton

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Adoption Information Night

Adoption Information Night

From 7 PM until 9 PM

At St. Matthew Parish

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